About me

First name: Katalin Krisztina
Name: Bozó
Nationality: Hungarian
Date of Birth: 22.07.1996
Height: 174cm
Favorite animal: dog
Favorite food: Hungarian goulash soup, Swiss Älpler-Makkaroni




My name is Kata Bozó and I was born 22.07.1996 in Budapest, Hungary.
Altough I was growing up in a non-motorsport family, racing is in my blood.
When I was 12 years old I started with karting in Hungary, and after that I changed to touring cars with the help of Andy Jaenen and Skylimit Events. I am also working for this organization as administrator and instructor on trackdays.

2016 I made my Belgian Racing licence (RACB). I completed the following races that year:
25H VW FunCup (Spa Francorchamps), 7-10 July 2016 – Skylimit Race Team
24H of Zolder 2016, 18-21. August 2016 – Skylimit Yokohama Race Team
Belcar Endurance Championship (Zolder), 7-9 Oct. 2016 – Skylimit Yokohama Race Team
24H 2CV (Spa Francorchamps), 15-16. Oct. 2016 – Rent Boys Racing – Category C1-1st place

2017 I drove a complete season in the Belcar Endurance Championship with my teammates Jo Lammens and Ines Lammens. For the 24 Hours of Zolder also Markus Palttala and Nicolas Hermans joined us.
We finished 3rd in class Belcar 5 and with Ines we won the Ladies Trophy.

I also did one race in the BGDC Championship with Jo Lammens in 2017. We won our class and we scored enough points to be 3rd in class also in BGDC.

In 2018 I started my season with AR Performance in Belcar 5 with the BMW 325i. We finished 2nd in our class.
After the first race I got the chance to race in the new Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup Belgium. These were my first sprint races (besides the kart races) during the Superprix Zolder. I finished P11 in the first race, and P9 in the second race out of 15 drivers.
The 24 Hours of Zolder was full of surprises for me. After a successful testing with VGL Racing I decided to race with them the 24 Hours of Zolder. The Saker RapX was a big step forward in my career.
With a good team work we managed to finish the 24 Hours race on the 3rd place in our class (Belcar 3) among GT4 cars.
Also I could race again in the Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup Belgium that weekend, where I finished P7 in the first race and P11 in the second race out of 15 drivers.
VGL Racing wanted to catch the Ladies Trophy with me on their side, that’s why I could race the last race of the season during the American Festival.
We finished P6 in class and P19 overall which was enough to win the Ladies Trophy 2018!


In 2019 I would like to continue with racing and I’m currently looking for sponsorship options.
If you would like to help me in my career you can purchase a Fan article (eg. Kata Bozó t-shirts, hats…)
Thank you very much that you are interested in my career!
Hopefully we see each other on the track very soon! 🙂